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Ragtop Cadillac- Electronic Harassment Story

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In 2012/ 2013, It was acknowledged that I am being used as a resource by people in Mainstream Entertainment. I am convinced that at least Steven C. Johnson has direct access to invading my privacy and can communicate with the thoughts in my mind. Here is a list of things I discovered since returning from my trip to Las Vegas, June of 2012. I believe that many people have direct, or, indirect means to invade a persons privacy and home through Electronic means. I am convinced many of them know, and are in relationship to Steven.

Ragtop Cadillac Toy & Promotional CD Label

While working at Walmart in 2011, I found this cute little Cadillac in the toy section. I took photos of it as soon as I got home that day. The photo was used to make a CD Promotional Label for my Ragtop Cadillac Promotional CD.  In 2013, I came across what appears to be a stage (prop?) for Bon Jovi. Most of my life, I have always loved the 50s error. It was disappointing to see that most likely, my teen years Rocker, might be a part of the people tied to Steven.

Bon Jovi Album Cover

The first picture in this category, is the Album Cover to Bon Jovi's, "What About Now", released in 2013. At the time of noticing the cover, already having strong suspicion that I was being used as a resource (and was being monitored closely) I reviewed the cover and came up with the conclusion that it was created, based off of content posted online and a conversation I had with myself, in the kitchen of the Huber Heights, Ohio house. It was about opening a persons heart, and that when we surrender to truth, our life starter kit is the gift we receive. I often have the tendency to speak out loud when at home alone. This day, I was exclaiming how exciting it would be to be in a room filled with people opening their hearts and seeing what their life starter kit was/ looked like. I will be reviewing lyrics within the album, some time soon.

VKAT "V" Sign


Before going to Vegas in 2012, I created the VKAT Productions Logo. It consists of a V, 2 and cross. The logo is of my two names (Tracilyn- VKAT). It was originally, "The Cross 2 Victory". The image of a blond girl and acoustic guitar placed together, was hung on my bedroom wall, during a time I was heavily in to Joel Osteen. This is one of the images I meditated on, prior to two consecutive dreams of God asking me if I had faith and trusted him. In the dream God asked me why I won't go to the place He was asking me to. On the trip there, I noticed the white smiling V along the Interstate. In May of 2012, I placed an ad on Craigslist and met with a guy who took the photo of a proud moment, sitting on a wall in Vegas. Upon returning, I made the black and white "Fallen Tear" video while in New Jersey, than posted the video and photo online. While busking, working on the 50 Song Project and sharing my Life Story, I used my Nickname, "VKAT". When making videos, I introduced myself as, "Tracilyn, also known as VKAT", while making a peace sign. Often, when making videos, the sun beams an upside down V. I share the videos and stills of the sun beams, proudly. While working on the video project, I noticed the "Voice" Logo was of a hand with a Microphone and a peace/ V sign. Though Wikipedia states, the first release as, in the Netherlands, September 17, 2010, I did not see their Logo until after the initial start of my projects. My song, "For Those Too Weak to Stand", mentions about making a stand and being a voice. While busking and in private, I often declared, the power is in the right hand. I have experienced a lot of coincidental moments after posting images and videos online. I also noticed Youtubers starting a trend of using the peace sign as well.


A while back, I attempted to contact Fousey, who had a KATS Family channel on Youtube, without a reply. It was tide in to The Kat Chef and The Kat Doctor. In the above video, Fousey shares, he mentions ending the KATS Family. I started promoting my nickname VKAT prior to seeing any KAT FAMILY videos.


In 2010, I wrote a song called, Nebraska. Anyone who has heard me play, since writing the song, knows the song also includes the Titanic. I watched a movie with the same title, released on, November 15, 2013. I was not aware of any other songs, or, movies with the same title. I also was not aware that there was a song called, "Nebraska", by Bruce Springsteen.

More updates will be posted on this page, as I research and make notes. Know that there is much more on the way. Check back soon. =)

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