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Ragtop Cadillac- Electronic Harassment Story

Tracilyn- Elvis Art & Occurrences

In 2010, when arriving to Dayton, Ohio, Elvis Presley came to me in a Airplane. The dream was pretty much him stepping out of the plane and waving, mentioning he was going to help me.

While visiting Graceland, later in 2010, when visiting the living room area, I heard a voice tell me, "Much like what was done through Elvis, I to want to do through you". I was going through a very challenging time. I had gone through the Mansion, picking up little fuzzies and two stones by his gravesite. This was all part of the Magic potion mentioned in the video posted on this page above. The potion was created to break a curse. While at the Heartbreak Hotel, I was feeling very depressed and was contemplating suicide. Elvis came to me in a dream and encouraged me to stay alive.

Down below is the story of "Back to The 50s Diner" in Furlong, PA, that inspired my song, "Ragtop Cadillac".

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Red Velvet Elvis Ice Cream Art

On, Monday, ‎December ‎26, ‎2011, ‏‎around 10:53:46 PM, I was in the kitchen at home, in, Huber Heights, Ohio. I was thinking of a friend that once lived with us, while also in thought of another friend. I asked God a question silently, while fixing a Campbell's Soup Cup of Red Velvet Ice Cream. Just after topping it with Trader Joe's Chocolate Syrup, and before putting the container back in to the refrigerator, I noticed Elvis in a black leather jacket with his arm around a lion cubs head. Can you see the Elvis in the white and black out fit, as well? There is a faded wolf head with two eyes and left ear. I circled Elvis, the wild cat and a God guy also. I have observed the photos many times since than. It's amazing how details of other images (Like Elvis in a throne) are realized. As soon as the Elvis Art was noticed that night, I showed my Daddy. He didn't seem as enthusiastic, however, he was willing to watch it while I ran up stairs to get the camera. What was I to do? It was late and Graceland most likely closed. Not sure as to whether or not the art would stay as it appeared, in the house freezer, I made a tough choice and decided to eat it. The cup of ice cream was a beautiful Christmas gift.

Elvis Jr Prayer

While in my bedroom one night, I prayed to God to send me all the elements that made Elvis, to me. In a very brief time, someone who worked at Wal-Mart with me, in 2011, had mentioned several times, about Elvis Jr who did live shows in the Dayton, Ohio area. It was a Magical night to remember. When attending a second show, he had a display of photos on a table. One of them was of him, with his arm wrapped around a lion statue.

Tracilyn's Promisedland


After a show, Elvis Jr was kind and offered me memorabilia/ souvenirs. He knew I really loved Elvis. Here are pictures of my bedroom shortly after. I made a sign for the bedroom door that read, "Welcome to Tracilyn's Promisedland".

Angel with Michael Jackson

In 2014, when recording video for my song, "Cross of Love", I noticed the sun beaming off the water while on a bridge. I leaned over to capture what was later learned to be an Angel, with what appeared to be, offering me a gift. It transformed several times. If you look closely, you can see an Elvis, singing in to a microphone, with what appears to possibly be Michael Jackson's head.

Memphis Kiss

During a tour of Sun Studios, in Memphis, TN, I sat on the floor, where the tour guide mentioned Elvis stood when singing in to the microphone during a recording session. Before standing up, I kissed the floor and later returned back to the hotel I was staying in. The electricity and internet was out for nearly 24 hours. The next morning, while eating breakfast, I asked a lady at the front desk, what time the power went out. The time she replied with, was approximately the exact time I kissed the floor. According to what was on the news, all of West Memphis had lost power that day. When visiting my sister in Lebanon, PA, afterwards, I had a serious outbreak of cold sores that lasted for nearly six days.


On my very first day of working at Walmart, as the day started as a cashier, Michael was a customer. The first words he asked, was, how tall are? He was extremely kind and invited me in to his life. He knew I loved Elvis, so he invited me to a theater show in Dayton city. We would often meet at his apartment, listen to music, talk all night and I would pretend to be in Las Vegas. Our time together was very inspirational. He often gave me wine and chocolates. The Elvis cup was a gift from him. He put on an Elvis mask one night, as a surprise for me. His apartment, is where I burned the candle given to me by an assistant to Jerry Lee Lewis, after saying a prayer to God, that was worded such as, "God, you say there is power in words. If this is true, when I am done singing these six songs, open the gate." I did not have the opportunity to meet Jerry that day. However, his assistant was very kind, offered me the candle that was by his bed side. I also was invited to take a brick knocked out, while climbing down from the wall I sat on, to sing the songs at his ranch.

50s GRL

While living in Huber Heights, Ohio, I had a specialized license plate made for my car. When the lady at the desk asked me what the request met, I smiled and replied, "I love 50's Music". While residing in Huber Heights, my Daddy invited a lot of people over, some of them stayed for a while. The one pictured in the photos, is someone special to me. I hope we can keep in touch, always.

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