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Ragtop Cadillac- Electronic Harassment Story

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Tracilyn- Ragtop Cadillac- Electronic Harassment Story
Updated: 6/5/2018

In 2010, Tracilyn went to Nashville, TN, to network with Songwriter's and show case her music. At the Holiday Inn, Tracilyn met Debi Champion, who host an open mic night at the Commodore Grille, 2613 West End Avenue, Nashville Tennessee. Debi was extremely kind and invited her to perform in one of her Showcase night's later that year. After that performance, Tracilyn put her guitar back in to the case and walked towards the bar where she was greeted by the man she holds accountable for having the means of privacy invasion and Electronic Harassment, Steven C. Johnson. Steven and Tracilyn spoke briefly. He had mentioned there was only 30 Recording Artist signed a year. She told him, this year would be 31. He spoke with her at the bar, gave her a business card and mentioned if she needed a place to stay for the night, she could stay at his hotel room. She replied that she had a place to stay.

After the visit to Nashville and around the very beginning of October (2010), Tracilyn was staying at her sister's house in Lebanon, PA. She had a photo of a waterway/ ocean as a Desktop Background Display on her Laptop Computer. Steven, messaged Tracilyn one night on her "Tracilyn Michael" Facebook Profile, they chat briefly and he invited her to his house, in Derby, New York, located on Old Lake Shore Drive.  He calls this house, "The House of Freedom".

While visiting, Steven often sat at a small table on the backside of the house (out porch). He had a very small Laptop Computer and smoked a lot. He invited her to the porch regularly and mentioned if she would like to play (guitar and sing) while sitting beside him, she was welcomed to. During the times she sat with him on the porch, he had mentioned, "Not much in this Business gets done with contracts", "I'll be the Publisher, and you can have all the Songwriter Credit". Tracilyn never agreed to anything he was attempting to instruct, in fact, she was pre-warned by others she previously met many times, (and already knew) of people in the music industry who seek to take advantage of Songwriters. It has been highly recommended over and over again, to always get everything in writing. Tracilyn stayed at what appeared to be Steven's place of residence for approximately 2 weeks and once it was realized there was not going to be a contract (written) agreement, it was time to move on. As she was walking out the door with her suitcase, he approached her and asked what she was doing. She told him, she was leaving and as he rushed to her, he rushed back to the out porch.

Steven had asked Tracilyn to change the lyrics of the song she wrote, "Flood Through My Soul", from "If you're born a boy and you wear a dress", to, "if you're a politician that wears a dress". Tracilyn acknowledged immediately by the look on his face when mentioning it, that he had a sick agenda that Tracilyn did not want to be part of. Tracilyn remembered conversations with people in the main stream industry, to always leave politics and religion out of songwriting. Steven's suggestion was not the intention of why the song was written. Tracilyn was thinking at the time, that it was a local Buffalo, NY politician he wanted to play with through her song. However, in time, Tracilyn realized that he also said that he makes trips back and forth to New York City often and considering her acknowledgement, a few years later, that the president Trump's wife appeared to be potentially a Transsexual Female and that he might also be a Cross Dresser. This made the circumstance of Steven wanting Tracilyn to change lyrics, totally against her desire's, which is to use her talents to help the Trans and LGBT Community, not hurt anyone, by potentially outing someone.

He mentioned changing the title to her song "Heartbreaker, to, "She Don't Mean A Thing", because there was too many other songs with the song's title.

He mentioned the Dixie Chics needed a hit, when speaking about the song, "Livin' the Life".

Steven told Tracilyn that there was estrogen in the refrigerator and at some point Tracilyn looked inside, saw and picked up a liquid bottle that appeared to be estrogen. Because Tracilyn was on hormones for over 3 years at that point, and researched methods of taking estrogen, she acknowledged that the liquid bottle kept in the refrigerator as suspicious.

He mentioned in what appeared to be an unused dinning room, that a girl who once lived there would often meditate in the room.

He told Tracilyn, that it was up to her to decide, as to whether she play inside venues, or, outside.


He mentioned he would be running a few tests on the 4 song Demo that was recorded.

He mentioned, Tracilyn could not stay at the house, than took her to an apartment in Buffalo, New York (just north of his home) to show her a place she could stay. It was also mentioned that he had homes all over. Tracilyn noticed the place was a mess, like someone lived there, and left suddenly. It was not long after they entered, he was naked in the bedroom, and on a mattress that was on the floor. He called her in to the room, as she was observing the small living quarters. It felt chilling and suspicious. Clothing all over the floor, and dirty.

He chuckled at her and mentioned, her voice changed again (meaning he felt she lacked inconsistency when speaking).

While at Steven's house, he purchased and gave her an acoustic guitar and asked her to play a few songs she wrote and mentioned using 4 of them in a studio demo.

While there, Tracilyn wrote, "Heartbreaker", also known as, "Don't Mean A Thing" and "Livin' The Life".

Though Tracilyn was experiencing flu like symptoms, he said that she should not tell anyone about her cold, when he insisted they go to a recording Studio to make a Demo. She mentioned that she did not want to go, but he insisted, she agreed.

Prior to the studio recordings, Steven invited a bass player, Jassen Otto, over to meet and play a few of her songs together.

Steven and Tracilyn also drove to Tony Miranda's Drum shop and rehearsed what would be on the 4 song Demo Recordings. A guitar player was included. Throughout the time they were at the drum shop, Steven had a private discussion, outside the front door. It appeared as though he was gossiping about Tracilyn, which was the same as it appeared on many occasions at his house.

Before going to the Studio, Steven mentioned Tracilyn needed to drive her car there, not too take any pictures and told her that she would need to leave a little earlier, after the recordings, because there was going to be other musicians stopping by.

While at the house, Steven asked Tracilyn how she felt about other people being in the recording studio. She replied that she would be comfortable with others in the studio.

At some point, Jassen made a rude comment to Tracilyn, about her not showing any kind of enthusiasm and that most people getting their songs recorded in a studio would be more in to it and excited. He explained a little bit of how they would respond. What he didn't know, is Tracilyn was sick and did not want to be there.

At some point, Tracilyn decided to drive back to Steven's house. He showed her to the secured door and she went to his house, in to the back bedroom where she slept until he came home and woke her up with excitement and invited her down to his office space. (Front Porch Desk)

They listened to the recordings. Tracilyn was still sick and tried to show a heart of gratitude, but honestly did not like the recordings because she was sick and knew her lead vocal track could be better. She knew they were o.k. for shopping around potential Recording Artist/ Projects, but did not appreciate that the Professional Studio experience was not of her self developed as a singer.

He mentioned that he paid $1,000.00 for the recordings and seemed happier than Tracilyn about everything.

He forwarded the mp3s to her email address and eventually he told her he went back to the studio to master the songs. He had asked her to email him copy of the song lyrics. Steven emailed mp3 copies of the Masters.

After the  Demo, Steven had invited a group of people, over to his house, at least some of them worked for Willie Nelson's Production Company, "Luck Films".  Stunt man, Kerry Wallum was  one of them and appeared to be very kind. While everyone was there, Tracilyn sat on the sofa in the living room quarters and sang a few songs to them. Steven also hosted a party and invited a lot of people to the premises. He had asked if Tracilyn would help out and she did. He was unappreciative of her way of carpet cleaning, and also had her hang a lot of photos of various blues/ jazz recording artist throughout the house. Tracilyn felt helpful and was happy to do whatever he needed done to prepare for the occasion.

Steven had mentioned to her about making a music video and suggested the roof top.

Steven had requested Tracilyn to wire some cash he gave her. He also paid Tracilyn $300.00 in cash to cover expenses for the travel to his house and said that he would always give her the same, any time Tracilyn visited him upon request.

Most of the time Tracilyn walked away from Steven, in to the house, she noticed him looking at her with eyes that seemed suspicious. Like he was up to no good. Because the bedroom she was staying in was just above his office quarters, she over heard him speaking on the phone on several occasions and knew it was about her and the songs.

He had spoke of a girl by the name of Valerie. Who was at the time a Singer Songwriter he thought highly of. He showed Tracilyn photos of Valerie and played some of her recorded music for her. He asked as to whether or not Tracilyn thought she was a Transsexual. Tracilyn did not care for Steven's continuous mockery on her Transsexual Status.

There was a girl who stayed in a locked bedroom across the hall from Steven's bedroom. Tracilyn had the opportunity to meet and speak with her a few times. She seemed very depressed, or, tired, as she laid in bed most of Tracilyn's visit. This reminded Tracilyn a lot of herself and the situation she was in while living in Huber Heights, Ohio. It was mentioned the girl, Sarah, was pregnant. One day while sitting beside Steven, Tracilyn asked him if the child was his. He replied with a cocky attitude, that it was pretty much not Tracilyn's business. Tracilyn realized, more and more during their conversations that Steven was pretty much a seriously mean person and most likely a mental abuser. It appeared it was a stressful relationship between both Sarah and Steven and one that Steven did not want to go in to details about. The situation touched Tracilyn's heart and she reached out to Sarah a few times and checked in on her to see if there was anything Sarah needed.

During conversations with Steven and Tracilyn, he had asked if she slept with guys, girls or, both and if Tracilyn was in to attending sex parties.

At some point, during the house visit, Tracilyn realized when Steven mentioned stepping out for a while and she was practicing songs in his Living Room, that she most likely was being monitored very closely.

On a second visit. Steven had invited Tracilyn to a Farm House just down the road from the house and on Old Lake Shore Drive.

While there, she noticed him pretending to be editing a photo of a female photograph. Steven said he got the girl work as a model for Mercedes. This is the home where Tracilyn had a dream about Jon Bon Jovi showing a pool of piranhas and mentioned they do not normally bite when they are not hungry. Steven had a moving trailer outside the farm house and said he was moving to Alabama and that the other house Tracilyn first visited was being remodeled. She did not believe this was true. On a trip to the store Tracilyn did notice what appeared to be people working on the house.

Steven had asked if Tracilyn would move belongings out of the farm house. Tracilyn moved a few things in to the trailer and helped with a few things. Tracilyn told him she wasn't there for that. Steven replied about him not being able to lift anything heavy because of a health problem and he showed her a bone that was sticking out of the center of his chest. (Like a bone growth or, displacement.) Upon leaving, it appeared he was actually moving like he said.

While at the Farm house Tracilyn mentioned that it seemed as though a bug (microphone) was in her acoustic guitar she brought along. Shortly after, Tracilyn noticed that he was up stairs in the room and she walked upstairs to see him nervously searching the room. He had lifted up the guitar and looked around the room.

During both trips, Steven had mentioned that Tracilyn was a very kind person and that he was going to help.

The farm house seemed that it was an abounded property and that he was pretending, like it was a location set for the visit. It was a haunting visit.

Upon returning back to Dayton, Ohio, Tracilyn realized that most likely, Steven had no real interest in helping and there was never a written agreement ever made, discussed or, signed.

When at the first house, Steven had made comments about people with mental sicknesses and how they usually just kill their self when they do not get the help they need. It seemed as though he thought that was funny. Tracilyn did not. In fact it gave her the creeps, disgusted and scared her that he talked like he did.

During the sharing of Tracilyn's Life Story, 50 Song Project and busking, everything Steven and her discussed seemed to be revealing itself.  Tracilyn is certain Steven and a lot of people with the means, watch others very closely via satellite. We might all have a chip placed in us at birth, which makes it very easy for them to watch people very closely. Tracilyn is convinced Steven has the Electronic Means to destroy the lives he preys on.

Here is a list of occurrences of things that were said since the trip to Las Vegas in 2012 when people would approach Tracilyn. Tracilyn is convinced that when people can not find the means to survive and/ or result to Escorting/ Adult Entertainment, the individual becomes a Targeted Individual, which they torment and lead to lonely places in an attempt to mentally break them down and kill them, or, most likely even worse. (Sex slavery, physical torture and over seas slave labor.)

In Las Vegas Tracilyn met what appeared to be a Bret Michaels and Kid Rock look a like. She was approached by them on the Cosmopolitan bridge. The Bret look a like (possibly him) went with to her hotel room after he had asked her if she had a place to stay. They had a sexual encounter and afterwards he showed a driver's license with a different name. He said, "see, I am not Bret Michaels".

Tracilyn almost died on the bridge on the night of June 1st, 2012. A man was standing close by and had her inhale from a bottle. While playing the guitar, at a park just outside of Clifton, NJ, a man approached Tracilyn and emailed her a photograph of an attorney he said she would meet just southwest of where they were.

Tracilyn felt like there might of been a bug microphone placed in her first guitar after someone approached her with nervous eyes asking, where the other guitar (Tracilyn's Michael Kelly) was. She explained that she purchased the one she had at that time. Tracilyn knew that she was being stalked, or, watched with the Vegas City Cameras.

Once arriving in Clifton Ohio, Tracilyn was met with a guy who mentioned what she was discussing in the privacy of her car along the way. (Heavy traffic conditions and music that was played on the radio) It was also mentioned that a band got signed after being discovered playing at the same location.

While playing in Fountain square. Bon Jovi approached Tracilyn and said he enjoyed making funny videos. She gave him a business card and knew who he was as he walked away. Tracilyn reflected back on a person who warned her that someone named Jon was a very evil person during earlier Escorting days.

Kris Kristofferson had stopped by, swung by a pole across from Tracilyn and mentioned about someone special who sang Bobbie McGee. This was about the time, a business man who visited her (while busking) on several occasions, stopped by and asked her to sing one of her songs. On one occasion she sung, "Miss Las Vegas". He later emailed her a note referring to herself and most likely that she would be best suited and become like Townes Van Zandt, who often sang alone and at house gatherings. He also had the song Pancho and Lefty linked, which was written by him and performed by Willie Nelson.

While in the Oregon District, Tracilyn was approached every time she showed up to play on the sidewalk. The guys normally smiled while they talked to her, as though, they thought her circumstance was funny.

They left Tracilyn know, that she was being watched closely, that they could see her when she looked in the mirror and that Dayton had a Mafia. Tracilyn realized she was most likely being seriously used as a resource and being taken advantage of.

A guy mentioned to her that the manager of Elvis, took advantage of him. ($10 million dollars was the number of finances mentioned.)

They mentioned that there was a stage area being built just up the road from town. (This was during the time, The Rose Amphitheater, in Huber Heights, Ohio, was built) Orange was Tracilyn's favorite childhood color.

A man mentioned to Tracilyn, that a barroom downtown, would be a venue for her to stop by and play. When she checked it out, a photograph of Willie Nelson on the barroom wall was noticed.

When George Jones died, a guy approached her and left her know, that George was a very angry person. Tracilyn understood the harshness of the music business. He tried to influence the fact that she would most likely be the same.

While in Cincinnati, a lot of celebrities Tracilyn spoke about out loud while busking, appeared to be walking by, or, stopped to speak with her. In her opinion, they were making a mockery of her and her situation.

When working on songs in the privacy of Tracilyn's home/s she realized everything she was talking about out loud to herself in the studio, bedroom and while busking, was taking place in Main Stream Music, Politics and Entertainment. She realized, that she was being used as a resource.

A list of things discovered, will be placed on a page linked here. Unique ideas of the songs Tracilyn wrote, life she lived and talked about, has been and is most likely being used. Rather than do what most American's would consider legit business, she realized that people, like herself, are targeted and used as resource, while attempting to destroy them.

Upon finally getting a means to take care of herself, Tracilyn put together a small Recording Studio in her apartment and realized that her thought process was being invaded. As Tracilyn is writing this, she acknowledged that they are sending, what feels like, an electrical current, beaming on her body throughout the day and all through the night. This is what is referred to as Electronic Harassment. (Do a search online and learn the details of what this is, is very real) The people we were taught are nice people, are tied in with really evil people who do very disturbing things to the masses and Targeted Individuals.

Tracilyn realized that at least Steven C. Johnson is targeting her. Some how he transfers thoughts or shares her verbal ideas and creations she makes on her Studio Computer. She is convinced he hears every word she says and sees everything she does. Tracilyn remembers all the things Steven mentioned during their visits. When matching what she is currently going through, to what Steven spoke of, along with online and in person (while busking) acknowledgments, Tracilyn is convinced that they do the procedure to a lot of people for various reasons.

Tracilyn was under the impression while recording with Studio One (A Recording DAW Software Program), that she also used DropBox with, as a means to save the work she was doing, while recording the albums, "Playfully Purple" and "Dayton OH, USA"), that the staff from the DAW were making new upgrades to 3.0 as she explained the disappointments and suggestions to the 2.0 used. She also acknowledged that 3 song folders containing the Huber Heights, Ohio, Recording Sessions, were missing from her DropBox account. "Livin' The Life", "Left In The Cold" and "Let Your Love Flood Through My Soul".

Someone within Facebook, either is a part of Social Media Attacks, or, they have given Steven the ability to control and monitor the content on her accounts. Various Videos, Photos and postings have been removed. Personal saved messages have also been removed. Including messages she wrote to Steven C. Johnson, since first meeting with him, that was on her Facebook.com/tracilynmichael account, which is currently not active, because she deactivated it and chose to only use facebook.com/tracilyn21.

Tracilyn made videos complaining about everything, including a personal photograph of her self with Elvis Presley Jr, holding her Ragtop Cadillac Promotional CD, disappearing from Facebook and all of her Hard Drives.

Though, through mind communication, they had her take down the original tracilynmichael videos and Life Story (VKAT Vblogs Page) on Youtube, she realized they were not going to stop harassing her. She reuploaded some of the videos on youtube.com/tracilyn, added a new Life Story account and realized that it appeared they have made it challenging to see posted videos, changed view counts on both facebook and youtube and limited the exposure the video channels receive. Originally there was nearly 30,000 Subscriptions on the tracilynmichael account and over 1,000 Subscriptions on the VKAT Vblog account. Now there is only 139 Subscriptions on the music video account and only 23 on her video blog account. Several videos have been removed and several video view counts have been decreased. She believes Steven C Johnson has access to all of her online accounts and is continuously playing head games with her by doing all of the above.

Tracilyn's Instagram account tracilynmichael has had photos removed and she believes that all of her accounts have been blocked/ limited to a very limited geographical area.

Tracilyn's heart was revealed to herself through the process. She longed to have a Children's Rock-N-Roll Ministry, originally, 50's style and big band. She wanted to be a part of big stage productions/ live shows. She is convinced that a lot of what people hear and see today have been ideas that were shared to her self privately and through postings online. Her heart was also dominantly for the Transsexual Female Community, but for the LGBT Community as well. She is convinced that she is an incredible personality, songwriter, speaker and much more.

Tracilyn is in need of people in the legal system to speak with her personally, revue her acknowledgements and apply action against what most certainly is a large group of people who are taking the life from others. Tracilyn has learned, the most likely reason Dayton, Ohio is, or, once has been known, for the most world wide patents. With the technology and means this group of people have, that is and has been used for a long time to steal and kill others from a distance and to destroy people psychologically.

While recording her music, and during the mind invasion, it has been made clear that they do not like people, or, music that speaks about God, lifting Spirits, or, raising concern for causes in America, maybe abroad.

Because Steven has a home in north America and is located very close to the Canada country line, It is believed, he is located there for quick access to flee the USA if necessary and for other reasons, which might include stealing from others and making use of what he takes from others, in to other Countries.

Tracilyn recently had nasal surgery and has been diagnosed with having an inflammation problem. She thought it was due to living in a concrete building, but has learned, while more truth is revealed, or, is attempted to reveal, to the general public, it is actually a symptom from Electronic Harassment.

It has been a scary experience learning all that she did, considering all her love for music and entertainment, touching lives, love for God and fulfilling the desires of her heart, it has also been challenging.

More may be posted in time. Understand that what is written on this page comes from Tracilyn (VKAT).  Hopefully you acknowledge something shared, as being a means that benefits the life of yourself and others. Thanks for sharing the message with others.

Contact: Tracilyn Michael, Dayton, Ohio, 45406 :: 937.242.2375 :: [email protected]